Alta Madera & Gabriele Mirabassi

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n°cat. RPM803
Barcode: 80 12957 990800

"Difference and dialogue, essential ingredients for the chemistry of any successful human interaction, are present in quality and quantity in this magical meeting of musics.
Difference is expressed in terms of the diverse cultures ­ central and southern Italy, Cuba ­ and musical backgrounds ­ popular, chamber, jazz ­ of the musicians.
Dialogue flows spontaneously, in magical moments when musicians come together, away from public glare in places like Ponticino, a small town near Arezzo, where, as part of the Orientoccidente festival, communication is personal and direct.
These simple ingredients, uncontaminated by outside ideas and schemes which today often adulterate even art, have concocted an enchanted union of 'four noble instruments' ­ the strings of Alta Madera and the clarinet of Gabriele Mirabassi ­ a miraculous weaving of voices singing together, each in its own way, but each finding, as if by magic, its place.
What is missing more than anything from the world today is spontaneous dialogue between people who are different. Listening to it in its most truthful form, feeling it, assimilating it, is not only beautiful; it also teaches us how to use it. Indeed, these four artists are not only splendid musicians, they are above all authentic people."

Neri Pollastri


* En Vivo! - Track list:

1. El Maleçon (M.Cavallo - R. Chaviano) 6.05
2. Guajira (M. Cavallo - R. Chaviano) 6.54
3. Blanquita (R. Chaviano) 4.34
4. Claudia (J. "Chucho" Valdes) 6.07
5. Niños (R. Chaviano) 5.26
6. Lôro (E. Gismonti) 7.12
7. Prima Danza (R. Chaviano) 7.02
8. Tango Pugliese (M.Cavallo) 4.37
9. Palenque + Cuba Linda (M. Crespo - R. Chaviano) 8.43

10. finale (Cavallo - Pedol - Chaviano) 1.23


recorded live at Orienteoccidente Festival 2005 august 27.
live sound engineering: Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano.

edited by Mino Cavallo.

mixed and mastered in february 2008 by Stefano Melone "Progetto Portatile Studio", Pesaro;

Produced By Alta Madera.
© 2008 Materiali Sonori Edizioni Musicali.

BAND PHOTO by Lucia Baldini

GRAPHIC DESIGN by Angelica Guida

Gabriele Mirabassi appears courtesy of EGEA Records.


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En Vivo! - Alta Madera & Gabriele Mirabassi

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