Filippo Pedol

Poliedric Musician both with the acoustic and the electric bass .

And' in the end of the years '80 that it will begin to practise music, initially as singer then as electric bassist, in various formations rock - psychedelic, participating with success in various festivals and musical contests.

It develops the profession collaborating with the orchestra Mambo Kids, directed by Cesar Martignon, and the Grand Wazoo orchestrates, directed by Franco Nesti.

During these years it begins to work in a local radio - Controradio - and it is really this environment that will approach him/it to the jazz. This passage is essential to understand its artistic run, in which so many musical cultures meet, without preconceived, and where the human relationship becomes essential to understand to the best what every person it expresses with his/her own music.

In 1993 it enrolls him to the school of music of Fiesole and from that moment it begins to the study of the double-bass frequenting seminars and courses of improvement held by the most famous musicians of the world.

It participates in the clinicses of Balls Danielsson, Dave Holland, Malachi Favors, Paolino from the Door, Furio of you Castrate, and others, contemporarily frequent the classical world collaborating with the orchestra "Galilei " of Fiesole directed by CarloMaria Giulini, and from various camerals activities. You graduates with the teacher Alberto Bocini in 1999 to the conservatory in Florence.

Currently its collaborations are extended to different formations to which participate various Italian artists and foreigners among which:
Alessandro Galati, pianist composer, Nico Gori, clarinettist, with the singer Michelle Bobko in his/her project together with Franco Santarnecchi and Piero Borri, with Javier Girotto and Daniele di Bonaventura in their project "Recordando Piazzolla."

Among the foreigners: the Chicago Underground Duo of Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor, in the quartet of the south-American pianist Hector Martignon with Donny Mccaslin and Ernesto Simpson, with the saxophonist Mathias Schubert. With these musicians she has played in various reviews, festival jazz.

It collaborates with the Millennium Bugs'Orchestra directed by Mirko Guerrini, with which you/he/she has participated in the opening of the festival jazz of Perugia and she has currently engraved with the singer songwriter Italian Marco Parente.

She has participated in the contest "Barga Jazz 2003" in the section groups with the trio Alta Madera composed by the Cuban violinist Ruben Chaviano and from the guitarist Mino Cavallo, winning the Luca Flores prize.

It participates in projects of circle classical-contemporary and theatrical:
it actively collaborates with Archaea, quintet of arcs of international stature, with which it engraves the last job of the French composer Hector Zazou and the new job of the composer contemporary Bruno de Franceschi, participates in singer songwriters Enrico Fink's new projects and Andrea Chimenti. It often collaborates with the record house Materiali Sonori for incisions and recordings.

It collaborates with Andrea Kaemmerle actor, in the project Balkanikaos, street theater.


  • Hovercraft Ensamble -Zig Zag- SL 040
  • G. Mastroianni -Badly and Softly- CDGM-001
  • Les Italiens -Les Italiens- FHME 30
  • M. Menicagli - I poeti del mare- VNC 002
  • M. Calderai - lupululà - VM 400
  • Hector Zazou -strong currents- MASO CD90134
  • Marco Parente e Millennium bugs'orchestra - L'ATTUALE JUNGLA- mes 513438











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