Alta Madera

The musical route of Alta Madera is a "journey" starting from the Cuban music tradition, to Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela ending up to Hispanic roots. The strong acoustic impact and the Jazz language link their music experience to a direction that could be called "Acoustic Latin Jazz".

The typical sound of Alta Madera feature the lack of the "Latin Percussions", substituted by arrangements based on a rhythmic idea.

The "journey" of Alta Madera moves through original compositions, filtered with the artistic temper of the musicians; particularly the Cuban music, the native land of the violinist Rubèn Chaviano, but also the experience of the other musicians Mino Cavallo and Filippo Pedol, who even if from another land, they work together from long time for a unique stylistic search: the Latin music.

Ruben Chaviano - violin

Mino Cavallo - guitar

Filippo Pedol - bass

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