Mino Cavallo

Guitarist, composer and arranger, start to study classical guitar to 11 year , already from the 15 year-old age it starts to professionally play in groups of pop music, it passes through the blues and the popular music, and it reaches the jazz. To Milan it studies Jazz and harmony with Filippo Daccò, Fabio Jeger, Franco Cerri, Giovanni Monteforte, Gigi Cifarelli; and classical guitar with the M° Oltremari and the M°. Suvini.

She has collaborated with different musicians of jazz: Franco Cerri, Bruno Tommaso, Sante Palumbo, Matthias Schubert, Marco Tamburini, Bruno De Filippi, Ed Neumeister, Pietro Tonolo.

In the theater has worked with: the Kismet Theater Opera (Bari), the company of the Litta Theater (Milan), the directors Carlo Formigoni, Renato Sarti, the actors Bebo Storti and Antonio Albanese.

Together with the actor Francesco Orlando has written and gotten by the winning passage of the "II° Festival della Satira in note" of Ascoli Piceno, I edit from "Pongo Record's"(1992).

In the year 2000 create the recording study of Making Music with which continuous to work together with the percussionist Ettore Bonafé. It produces and it realizes music for video and documentaries RAI-TV and Mediaset. It realizes music and CD for different artists; as for: the Florence Dance Festival; the corporate Park of the Apuanes; the Region Tuscany; the artistic groups "IZETA+" and "Surproduction"; as well as advertising agency Comunication Art and the Region Calabria.

She as participated in festival and musical reviews in Italy and Europe: the Jazz Meeting in Milan, Pistoia Blues Festival, Umbria Jazz, Barga Jazz, Festival delle colline, Pelago On The Road Festival etc.

In the popular music has collaborated with the organettist Cristina Vetrone and she has worked to the musical direction of the acoustic quintet of the Roman singer Gabriella Ferri.

Teacher of modern guitar and jazz at the Athenaeum Musicale Fiorentino.

Mino Cavallo over the production and the arrangement is studious of acoustic typical instruments of the latinamerican as the quatro, tiple, chaarango, trés and different styles of Mediterranean popular classical guitar (flamenco, tango, bossa nova, choro, son, joropo, salsa etc.).

First professional experiences in groups of pop music.
It plays with the sextet "Four Brothers" of Franco Cerri
It plays with the quintet "Luci Rosse" with the pianist Alberto Tacchini and the drummer Emilio Bonvini.
It forms the trio "do canto latino" with Fernando and Nile Barreto; same give year up to 1993 she continuously works in groups of popmusic with Daniele Montenero, Roberto Soffici, Joe Vescovi, Maurizio Arena with which it records disks.
It gathers the sextet "Effetto Jazz" with which participates to the festivals of Pistoia Blues.
It plays in the "New Trio" with Nicola Vernuccio and Antonio Laraia.
It plays with the "Sunrise Jazz Band ", for which composes and it gets by original passages, participating in different musical reviews among which the Festival delle Colline, the Campi Jazz festival and Fabbrica Europa.
Finalist 3° classified to the review "Barga Jazz 96" international festival of arrangement for Jazz Orchestra.
The association starts with the Roman singer Gabriella Ferri, arranger of its old and new songs it participates to a series of concerts in Italy and to the foreign countries.
It plays with "New Voice of Joy" Soul-Gospel group of Nehemia H. Brown.
It forms the "Bye-Ya" with Valerio Perla and Amedeo Ronga. To the group the Cuban violinist Rubèn Chaviano is added.
It records the CD " Sertao" with the collaboration of different international musicians.
It forms the duo "Con Alma Latina" with the guitarist Pietro Locascio proposing a repertoire of rumbe and flamenco inspired to the Mediterranean popular music.
It forms the group "Alta Madera" together with Ruben Chaviano. It plays with the Cuban singer Oreste Lopez and with the Colombian harpist Jaime Vargas.
It records the CD with the Cuban group "Barrio Alto" and it performs the summer turnèe participating to different festivals and summer demonstrations.
It starts to work to the project of the group "Milagro", with the singer Anna Granata, the saxophonist Claudio Carboni, Amedeo Ronga to the bass and Ettore Bonafè to the percussions.
Special mention to the festival Barga Jazz 2003 with the group Alta Madera.


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