Ruben Chaviano

Year 1969
Born to Santa Clara (Cuba) 7/11/1969
Year 1977
In 1977 it undertakes the study of the violin near the Conservatory of Santa Clara "Olga Alonzo" where it gets the final diploma in 1985.
Year 1985
In 1985 it enters to belong to the provincial symphonic orchestra of Villa Clara, participating in the Festival of Contemporary Music de the Havana. Parallelly it develops activity of room concerts.
Year 1988
In 1988 it transfers him to the Havana. it Plays violin and keyboards with the group rock "Art I Live" (original repertoire rock, jazz, Afro) realizing: - concerts near the theaters "Nacional", "Carlos Marx", "Charlie Chaplin" (guest of Pablo Milanes), "Room Hubert de Blank", "Theater Mella" to the Havana. - share to national television programs. - music for serial tv ("Chicos audaces"), radio broadcasts of national broadcasting stations, recordings for the studies "Egrem" and "radio Progress". - In the same period it develops didactic activity - it collaborates with Cuban singer songwriters what Noel Nicola, Anabel Lopez, Pablo Milanes - it undertakes studies of specialization near the Musical institute "Ignacio Cervantes."
Year 1993
In 1993 it establishes him in Italy, to Rome, where it continues the didactic activity near: - Center Diffusion Music, Tivoli - The other Music, Rome - Timba, Rome - Music Hall, Rome - Intermusica Spevi, Rome, the programs develops he understands individual lessons, seminars of Cuban music, approach to the improvisation jazz, classical music and music of together. In the same year founds with Roberto Evangelisti her "Charanga Mamey", orchestra typical of Cuban music of beginning century. Besides the numerous concerts, it participates besides: - concert-show Afrocuba '94, Rome - festival "The sounds of the night", Pescara - review "alive Music, music around", S.Benedetto of the Tronto - Festival of the Almond tree in Flower, Agrigento - demonstrations for her "Expofiera", Turin (1995) - shows for the village solidarity "Christmas in the world", Rome - national Latin American festival. It forms the quintet of latin jazz "Puente Latino" with which he exhibits to: - "Rome meets the world", Rome - "Summer Fianese '95", Fiano Romano - "Roman Summer", Italic Hole, Cineporto, Latin American Festival.
Year 1995
In 1995 it enters to belong to the group "Les Hot Swing" founded by Stefano Tavernese and Alessandro Russo, exploring the repertoire of the small formations of the years Thirty and Forty for tools to rope (Django Reinhardt, S.Grappelli), with which participates, besides, to the international review "Trespassing"; Festival Jazz, Island Liri (FR). In the same year it experiments the fusion with sonority world music with the group "Yampapaya" directed by David Hoffman. She has participated in the Ethnic Festival of Mestre (You) and to other initiatives in the Roman summer. She has collaborated with the Italian Center of Ancient Music as member of the Baroque orchestra directed by Riccardo Martinini.
Year 1996
it is guest in some concerts of the "Tankio Band" directed by Riccardo Fassi: - Ciampino Jazz Festival - Jazz Festival Sartiano (SI) Deep with Maurizio Lazzaro and Stefania De Grossi the " 3% ", formation that spaces from the Jazz to the latin sound. It enters to belong to the group "Caribe" (repertoire sauce), directed by Vito Zaccaria. It participates besides to: - Ethnic festival, Florence - tourneé in Switzerland - it Records two CD: - " Caribe from the son to the salsa" and " Caribe with Italian sentimiento ". it Participates in the recording of the music for the theatrical tourneé of Marisa Laurito. It composes the music for the theatrical laboratory of the institute Giulio Cesare, for the regal one of Stefano Viali.
Year 1997
In 1997 it participates in the first European tourneé of Alfredo Rodriguez "Cuba Linda" it Collaborates with the Roman group "Babyra soul" promoted by Lorenzo "Giovanotti" Cherubini, with which it realizes various concerts: - Saloon of the Music in Turin - telecast "Night Express" - it records for the disk of the "Babyra soul" - Saloon of the Music in Turin, 1998 - Heineken Festival, Imola (organized by Vasco Rossi) For one year it plays with the small orchestra of tango "El Conventillo", directed by Claudia Zaccari, and it exhibits him to: - Theater Parioli, Rome - Theater Bellini, Naples - Festival of the dance to Mestre, Venice
Year 1998
In 1998 it records the sonorous column for the film "Life in suspended" for the regal one of Marco Turco, written by Riccardo Fassi beside Steve Lacy and Antonello Salis. - It participates in the second European tourneé of Alfredo Rodriguez "Cuba Linda", playing, as only Italian date, to the Festival Jazz of Fano. - It begins to work with the sextet of Alfredo Rodriguez with which it exhibits him to the Festival Jazz de Tours (FR); Festival of the Latin American culture of Bearriz (FR) and to the prestigious one "Queen Elizabeth Hall" of London. - Half Notes of Athens has realized the followings jobs: - 1996 participate in the recording of the music for the theatrical tourneé of Marisa Laurito - 1996 compose the music for the theatrical laboratory of the institute Giulio Cesare, for the regal one of Stefano Viali - 1995-97 record compact disc with various formations: - Charanga Mamey "it Plays for Cuba" - Yampapaya "eyes to see the world" - with Omar Lopez it is Worth (Cuban trumpet) "los Homenaje Vale worth" - Old Bench (country) for the weekly Events, "American Folk" - Pueblo Unido for the weekly Events, "popular Songs of the postwar period" - 1998 Arieses Tango "Madres", (BMG) - Babyra soul "Babyra soul", (Soleluna)
You/he/she has played with: Javier Girotto, Marco Siniscalco,Alessandro Gwis (AIRES Tango); Antonello Salis (column sonorous film); Eric Daniel, Max Gazzè, Tony Cerqua (TC Gang); Francesco Puglisi, Natalio Mangalavite (Tango); Riccardo Fassi, Stefano Cantarano, Alessandro Fabbri (Quintet Jazz); Carlos Sarmiento (Art I Live, CHARANGA MAMEY, PUENTE Latino, Duo); Sandro Satta, Luca Pirozzi, Fabio Zeppetella (TANKIO BAND); Mario Corvini, Popes Such, German Tones (YAMPAPAYA); Roberto Evangelisti, Paulo La Rosa, Tiberio Ripa (CHARANGA MAMEY, PUENTE Latino); Stefano Lestini, Massimo Moriconi, Riccardo Pellegrino (Jazz); David Pettirossi, Pietro Iodice, Steve Lacy, Steve Turre, Mike Stern,Fratelli Rangell (SAX), Saturnino, Alfredo Rodriguez.
Year 1999
it begins to work on the projectile Alta Madera, acoustic trio formed from: contrabbasso (Pippo Pedol), guitar (Minol Cavallo) and violin, inspired by the passion for the room music and the Cuban music.
Year 2000
it records with the group of music swing and zigana of Maurizio Geri " Á Cielo Aperto", guests: Walter Paoli and Sandro of Puccio, participating besides to the first festival de music Zingara (Manouce) in italy to Turin and the complimentary festival to the great Django Reinhardt.
Year 2001
it belongs to the quartet of Alessandro Fabbri (drums and director), Nico Gori (clarinet), Paolo Getti (contrabbasso), recording a disk of next exit. She meets the Florentine young singer: Rosso Tancredi, records for his cd and for his video to the Pergola in Florence. In 2002 the disk de Alfredo Rodriguez goes out for the record house Naxos (Acereko) latin jazz, where it plays the violin.
Year 2003
It participates in the Tuscan theatrical project with Maria Cassi playing the music of the Beatles in way Manouche (swing) called, In my life. The didactic job continues with children to the ludoteca in Florence, teaching to his children, the music through the games. It organizes together a laboratory of music of Cuban, turned to all the tools, where yes it plays the Salsa, el Danzon, Chachacha y el Son Cubano. it wins the Luca Flores prize to Bargajazz 2003 as good musician of the contest. It plays with Jovanotti to Arezzo Wave.


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